2010 Bahrain GP Review

 Sorry I haven’t really got around to doing this post, but I will make sure I make a full review post of the Australian GP coming up this week…

Anyway my thoughts on the Bahrain GP are; compared to the 2008 or 2007 season it was extremely boring, but compared to the 2009 season, I think it was quite entertaining. The revamped track was awful in my eyes, but the gathering of all the living world champions (excluding Kimi) was a real achievement. McLaren were off the pace all weekend but this should improve in Australia where they think the track will suit the car more than the hostile Sakhir curcuit in Bahrain.

2010 Bahrain Start


Sebastien Vettel lead the race from the beginning and I think he would have stayed there if it wasn’t for his slight glitch…

Because of this slight glitch, Alonso in the Ferrari took the lead away from the German and powered to victory with team-mate Felipe Massa impressively taking second place and Lewis Hamilton coming in third behind them both.

There was talk after the race that FOTA and the FIA might consider making two pit stops mandatory, this would be a good idea. When I was watching the race, there was a point where I thought, “If they pitted about now things would be much more interesting”. But they didn’t, and it was boring. So making two stops mandatory would be a step forward in my eyes.

But to have the season under way is the most exciting thing I can think of!

Button wins the 2009 Aussie GP For Brawn GP


Next is the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park.

Will Button be able to come strong in his new McLaren? Or will Lewis Hamilton win again with dominance like 2008? Or will Ferrari walk the field once more like in Bahrain? Red Bull will be hoping their cars will stay in one piece this time around!

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