Testing days 1-2 in Jerez


Testing restarted in a wet Jerez with the likes of Red Bull and Force India making their debut on Wednesday, Virgin also made their debut with Timo Glock in the seat. Glock had only done 5 laps in the wet on Wednesday but on Thursday a problem occurred when mounting the front wing onto the car, which led to it falling off on the track after 11 laps, about an hour and a half into the  second day of the four-day test.

“Unfortunately, we’re missing one or two spare parts which will hopefully arrive this evening, so we won’t be able to run for the rest of the day.” said Technical director Nick Wirth.

“In the short amount of running that we’ve achieved so far, we are very encouraged by what we’ve seen and we have gathered some vital aero data which is very much in the range of what we were predicting. We look forward to resuming the programme tomorrow morning.”

Obviously, there isn’t much chance for the teams to get any dry data, but for the new teams and Button it’s a great chance to get some miles done in their new machines.

Button made the 6th fastest time out of 10 drivers with 1:24.947, and did 68 laps, on day 1. But on the second day it was dry, so he focused on going fast, and that’s exactly what he did. He set a time of 1:20.618 and did 83 Laps. Here are some Q&A’s from formula1.com

Q: So what was your program today?
I was working on the balance and trying lots of different things, mechanically and aerodynamically. A lot of it is not new but it’s a completely different car to work with so I am trying the extremes and finding a place where I feel comfortable and happy with the balance.

Q: How are you doing in the car?
My day was good actually. Yesterday as well. It is always interesting working in the wet because the finer details you really need to work in the wet because you have a lot less grip. So we did a lot of work to make sure that I felt one hundred percent good in the car and I must say that my ‘new home’ feels comfortable and I feel great in the cockpit now. My two test days have been very promising. In the wet we did a lot of set-up work and tried to come to terms with two different types of tyres – the wet tyre and the intermediate. Today in the dry it was easier and for the first time I felt good in the car – good enough to do set-up work and find a balance with the car and work with different components. It was positive, although there is still a lot of work ahead of us. The basic car is a good base line I think. Jumping in the car this morning it immediately felt great, but I have no illusions that there is still a long way to go before we have a car that is capable of winning races. Most of the day the car was reliable until a little hiccough at the end, but it was nothing severe. I had a warning light so I stopped the car and now we have to find out what the reason was – probably a sensor issue. There was no damage.

Fernando Alonso completed the second most laps in the wet on day 1 and made a time of 1:22.895, and the most laps of 129 on day 2 but only the 7th fastest time of 1:21.424. And that’s about it…

Ex Williams driver Nico Rosberg topped the timesheets on day 1 with a best time of 1:20.927 which was set before the rain began to fall.      

“The car felt very good today,” said the German. “Compared to Valencia where I was sitting too low which affected my visibility and the set-up wasn’t perfect, today I felt really comfortable and I could push so it was an enjoyable day and a good start to the test for me. Our objective here is to learn as much as possible, put miles on the car and engine to check the reliability and to make progress on our set-up work. The rain is a little frustrating but the car feels good to drive and that’s what’s important.” Rosberg’s second day of testing will be on Friday, then team-mate Schumacher will take over on the final day on Saturday.

Robert Kubica had his first run in Jerez, in the new Renault R30 after taking over from team-mate Vitaly Petrov on Thursday. “Another very productive day as we completed over 100 laps and did a lot of set-up work with the car,” explained Renault’s chief engineer Alan Permane. “We had made a lot of changes for Robert since the last test in Valencia and he’s now much more comfortable and happier in the car. We steadily improved the balance and grip throughout the day and hopefully we can continue with this tomorrow if the rain holds off.”
He matched day 2 time topper Kamui Kobayashi’s 103 laps. But he only came up with a slow 1:22.003, which gave him 8th.

Aussie Mark Webber brought out the red flag late in to the morning on Wednesday with a oil leak, but apart from that the former 2009 championship contender was quite happy with day.

And Thursday was even better with more  dry running, “It’s been a very productive two days,” said the Australian. “We’ve had a few little niggles here and there with reliability, but despite that we’ve managed to complete quite a few laps with the new car. We’ve had one wet and one dry day and learned a lot on both. We’ve still got quite a bit of testing to go before we get to Bahrain, which we’re going to need to continue to understand the car and keep finding performance. But I’d say we’re off to a pretty solid start and we’ve got a great base to build on.”

Mark Webber set times of 1:26.502 on day 1 and 1:22.043 on day 2, both earning him 9th on each day. He completed 50 laps on Wednesday, and 99 laps on Thursday.

Michael Schumacher took over the new W01 from his team-mate Nico who set the fastest time on Wednesday, but could only manage a time of 1:21.083 which put him 6th.

“I am very happy with how the day went today even if we could not finish our schedule completely due to red flags,” said the German. “However I managed to complete a lot of laps which is very precious to me. A new car, a new team and new conditions, therefore our first goal has to be to make the car reliable. Days like today help massively in that respect, especially as the weather forecast for the next few days isn’t looking quite so rosy. I felt very comfortable driving the car and it was good fun today.”

New Renault driver, Vitaly Petrov came 8th on Day 1. “The bad weather meant it was a frustrating day for us as we only managed to complete one dry run this morning on scrubbed tyres,” explained Renault’s chief engineer, Alan Permane. “We then spent some time doing systems checks in the garage and discovered a small problem with the brake system, which we managed to fix by the end of the day.”

So, Wednesday was a pretty dull day with all the teams saying something like ‘Sadly the weather conditions were not as we would have liked’ and the like.

Unofficial Wednesday times from Jerez:
1.    Nico Rosberg            Mercedes GP      1:20.927    57   Laps
2.    Sebastien Buemi      Toro Rosso         1:21.031      84   Laps
3.    Nico Hulkenberg    Williams                1:22.243    118  Laps
4.    Fernando Alonso    Ferrari                  1:22.895      88  Laps
5.    Kamui Kobayashi    Sauber                  1:23.287      55  Laps
6.    Jenson Button          McLaren               1:24.947     68   Laps
7.   Vitantonio Liuzzi      Force India         1:24.968     71   Laps
8.   Vitaly Petrov              Renault                 1:25.440     27  Laps
9.   Mark Webber              Red Bull                1:26.502      50  Laps
10. Timo Glock                 Virgin                     1:38.734       5    Laps

And the story of Thursday was that the Teams spent all day making up for all the lost dry time, apart from Virgin that is. But Button, Buemi and Kobayashi stole the day. The young Japanese stole top spot from Buemi in the dying moments as Sauber continue to improve on 2009’s poor performance.

Unofficial Thursday times from Jerez:
1.    Kamui Kobayashi           Sauber                 1:19.950      103    Laps
2.    Sebastien Buemi             Toro Rosso        1:20.026      121    Laps
3.    Jenson Button                McLaren              1:20.618        83     Laps
4.    Nico Hulkenberg           Williams              1:20.629         67    Laps
5.    Vitantonio Liuzzi           Force India       1:20.754        80     Laps
6.    Michael Schumacher   Mercedes GP     1:21.083        124    Laps
7.    Fernando Alonso           Ferrari                1:21.424         129    Laps
8.     Robert Kubica                Renault               1:22.003        103    Laps
9.     Mark Webber                  Red Bull              1:22.043          99     Laps
10.  Timo Glock                      Virgin                   1:29.964          11      Laps

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