F1 Weekly Review (February 4th – 10th)

Virgin Racing gave their new VR-01 it’s first run around a slightly wet Silverstone on a two-day ‘shakedown’ spanning Thursday and Friday.

Timo Glock gave the car it’s very first outing on Thursday after missing the last three races in 2009, he said: “It was a fantastic moment for myself and the whole team to see the VR-01 come alive. It’s great to be back in a racing car.”

Team-mate Lucas Di Grassi then took over on Friday, I’m starting to like the livery of the VR-01, but I still can’t get used to the aerodynamics…

The new team will get their first proper test in Jerez on Wednesday.

Force India also revealed their new VJM03, the VJM stands for the team principal Vijay Mallya, “Our goal is to continue on the same path of performance improvement that we had at the end of 2009,” said Vijay Mallya. “I don’t think I am being over-proud when I say 2009 was an exceptional year for us. The bare statistics say it all: one podium, one pole position, one fastest lap, a further five top 10 starts and 13 points.”

“We’ve learnt from our experiences and we’ve come out a better team: resilient, resourceful and now resurgent. I hope 2010 will see this great progress carrying forward. We’ve got one podium so far but I would hope that, this time next year, I’m talking about more points and more podiums. I’m confident we can get this, why not aim high?”

I think the new Force India will be one of the most consistent teams in 2010, whether they will finish in the top 5 in the World Championship though, is another matter.

Thanks to autosport.com, we get to see the first glimpse of the new Lotus F1 car.

I don’t like it, but I like that it’s not similar to anything we’ve seen in the last few years! We’ll get to see the first Lotus testing on the second test at Jerez apparently…

The latest team to unveil their 2010 Challenger is Red Bull, they keep the same driver line-up as 2009 with Vettel and Webber at the wheel, and the car is more of an ‘evolvement’ than a radical change according to Seb Vettel.

Mark Webber gets to test the new RB6 first then Vettel takes over on Friday.

And finally, more politics go on even in winter testing…Jean Todt begins by saying all the new teams can miss the first three races in the season to give them more chance of even turning up – bad mistake by Stefan GP then? Shipping all their stuff all the way to Bahrain without even a slot on the grid? Then to find out that Jean Todt then says that ANY teams can miss ANY race in the season! 

But now the (F) errari (I) nternational (A) ssistance say that you can’t miss any races??? I thought Todt WAS the FIA?

Testing reports to come in the next few days….

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