Testing at Valencia – Day 3

The final day of testing at Valencia. Schumacher, Button and Alonso were the biggest names on Wednesday. McLaren had a successful day over Monday and Tuesday, and look to introduce Jenson into the team. Schumacher settles into the Mercedes GP team in his first full day of testing. And Alonso had his first go in the new F10.

Fernando Alonso had a successful day in the F10, as he posts the fastest time for Ferrari, their third fastest in a row. This proves that the Ferrari is definitely quick, even though the fuel loads tell a different story. With his new blue helmet, Alonso attracted a crowd of thousands of Spanish fans, and he didn’t disappoint. The Spaniard did 127 laps and set the fastest time of 1:11.470

GP2 Graduate, Vitaly Petrov, made his debut in a F1 car on Wednesday, and performed quite well. “I really enjoyed my first day in the car and everything went well,” said the 25 year-old. “The car is very impressive compared with a GP2 car and I enjoyed experiencing the power and braking performance. After about 30 laps I was starting to feel comfortable and understanding the limits of the car. It was also my first chance to work with my engineers and so far everything is going really well so I’m happy with the day.” Vitaly made 75 Laps and set a best time of 1:13.097.

19 year old Jaime Alguersuari, tested the new STR5 for the first time, and came out impressively fast. The 7-time world champion, Michael Schumacher was only just over a tenth faster than the teenager. “It felt good to complete my first-ever Formula one test session, as last season I was never able to do any testing,” said the Spaniard. “I was able to concentrate on understanding the car, without having to think about it in terms of a race weekend. Personally, I felt much stronger in the car, as I have been training hard in the three months since I last drove in Abu Dhabi. Today was a positive experience and I’m looking forward now to next week in Jerez. It’s too early to say much about the car’s performance, but it felt competitive.” Jaime Alguersuari completed 97 Laps and clocked a speedy time of 1:12.576.

Talking of the ex-Ferrari man…Schumacher, in his first full day of testing, went well and finished in 3rd behind the Sauber and Ferrari of De La Rosa and Alonso. “I’m very happy to have been back in a Formula One car this week,” he said. “We had a short run on Monday and then almost a full day today which has been good. The experience has been very positive and the car is running smoothly with just a small hydraulic leak which stopped us slightly early. The main focus is on reliability and doing as many laps as we can so we’re not too worried about looking at the lap times right now. Michael “Schumi” posted the third quickest time of 1:12.438 and made 82 Laps

                                                                                                                                              After a day of watching Lewis in the cockpit of the MP4-25, it was Jenson’s turn in the new McLaren. It took a while to fit Button into the seat… “Oh boy, it sure was a long day!” said the current world champion. “We finished last night at about one in the morning trying to get the seat right in the car. Obviously you have it made in the mock-up, but it is always different when you get in the car and when you get out on the track. It is always a bit different from what you’re expecting it to be. We’ve been doing a lot to make me comfortable in the car, because initially it wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be. I was sitting quite high in the car. Today we’ve done a lot of work and it has been really useful. In a way it would have been nice to get some more testing done, set-up work and so on, but this test was always to get used to the environment inside the cockpit, get used to working with the team and to run through all the checks that you always do at the first test. So it has been very useful. We have had to change a lot within the car, but I fit well now, which obviously is good. I feel comfortable and have a good height in the car and that is always important for your own confidence.” 2009 world champion Jenson Button completed an equal amount to Schumacher but was slower with a time of 1:12.951, 82 Laps

The second GP2 graduate and former Williams test driver, Nico Hulkenberg, put in an impressive 126 laps, just 1 lap less than double world champion Alonso. “We worked on putting as much mileage as we could on the FW32 and achieved over 500 kilometres at the end of the day, bringing us to a test total of 1,213.5 kms,” said Williams’ technical director, Sam Michael. “We spent the three days working on set-up and long runs; the main systems on the car are proving reliable and are cooling sufficiently. There are the inevitable minor teething problems to resolve between now and Jerez, but it’s been good to get out on track and start work with our new engine partner, Cosworth.”

                                                                                                                                                        De La Rosa, keeps up the impressive form for Sauber, by posting the second fastest time for the third time in Sauber’s name. “We are quite satisfied with the first test,” explained BMW Sauber’s technical director, Willy Rampf. “As well as being reliable, it was important to see that the car responded to changes in the way we expected. The drivers’ comments on the car basically were in line with that, which also helps the team to work in the right direction.”

Unofficial Wednesday test times from Valencia:
1.   Fernando Alonso            Ferrari               1:11.470     127   Laps
2.   Pedro de la Rosa              Sauber               1:12.094      80    Laps
3.   Michael Schumacher    Mercedes GP    1:12.438      82    Laps
4.   Jaime Alguersuari          Toro Rosso       1:12.576     97    Laps
5.   Jenson Button                 McLaren             1:12.951      82    Laps
6.   Vitaly Petrov                   Renault               1:13.097     75    Laps
7.   Nico Hulkenberg            Williams             1:13.669     126   Laps

That’s it for testing until the 10th of February, when we return for some more testing action in Jerez.

For those who don’t have much time after reading my article, here is a highlights video from the BBC Sport Website:

Highlights – Valencia F1 Testing: http://ow.ly/14oEE

And for those who want all the information, here are all the interview videos, also from the BBC Sport Website:

Lewis Hamilton: http://ow.ly/14oM6

Michael Schumacher: http://ow.ly/14oO3

Felipe Massa:  http://ow.ly/14oOH

Pedro De La Rosa: http://ow.ly/14oPf

Jenson Button: http://ow.ly/14oPC

Ross Brawn: http://ow.ly/14oSQ

Rubens Barrichello: http://ow.ly/14oTQ

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