McLaren Launch Their 2010 Challenger: The MP4-25

On Friday, McLaren lifted the cover off of their MP4-25. Ferrari were the first to unveil their 2010 car, with McLaren, Sauber and Renault following…this post is on the launch of the MP4-25.

LH & JB lift the cover

The MP4-25 carries the No.1 following the arrival of Jenson Button, which then means his fellow Brit, Lewis Hamilton will carry the No.2 instead of No.5 if the grid were to stay as it were from 2009. 

After an awful start to the 2009 season, McLaren look to get off to a good start this time around. So, here are the first comparisons between the old MP4-24 and the new MP4-25…

So, as you look at the picture of the side view comparison, (All credit goes to for the comparison pictures) the biggest change is the shark fin, and the whole length of the car is greatly increased. To put it simply, the MP4-24 was much less aggressive than the new MP4-25, the 2009 car is more curvy and small, whereas the 2010 car is more straight and sharp.

On the front comparison, you can see that the rear wing is quite a bit higher than the 2009 car. The nose cone is higher, and the front wing is much more intricate.

And the overhead comparison, reinforces the length of the new car, as you can see; the side pods are longer to accommodate the larger fuel tank, and the gap between the drivers cockpit and the nose cone is also elongated.

The 2010 season will be the first to have two world champions in the same line-up since 1989 , when McLaren had Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna, and the first time ever in F1 history to have the two most recent champions driving for the same team.

“I’ve seen just  how much effort and attention has gone into making this car what it is,” said Hamilton. “we’ve been pushing like crazy to find the performance and the result is something that looks very special and very uncompromising. Both Jenson and I are world champions, and we both want to add to the team’s incredible winning legacy.”

“I think a strong driver line-up will be very important this year as there are a lot of very competitive teams and drivers- and the stronger we can be, the better chance we will have of winning races. We all understand that. Obviously, I want to win the drivers’ world championship, that’s clear. But, just as important, I want to help the team win the constructors’ world championship. I think it’s set to be a great year for Formula 1- it should be brilliant.”

Jenson Button will be racing his debut season for McLaren, after his 7 year stint at BAR/Honda/Brawn GP.“I’m incredibly proud to be standing here today knowing I’ll be carrying the number one for the whole season: that’s a great responsibility but also a great honour,” said Button. “It’s something I’m relishing. From the very first day of testing, I’ll be working with the team to learn about the car and to develop it ahead of the first race. I’ve said it before: the pace of development in those opening tests could well determine the outcome of the championship.”

After the 2007 saga between a certain Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, McLaren are very keen to make sure that Button-Hamilton combination will run much more smoothly…

“For us, it’s so important to work together as a team or you’re not going to get a British world champion,” said Button.

“We have so much experience, we have both been in different situations. You will see at the end of the year who has done the best job over 19 races, but there is no point thinking about the now.”



New Helmets For LH & JB

Hamilton added: “In 2007 we didn’t work together well enough, in some cases we didn’t work together for the team.”

“Of course we understand we want to beat each other but we want to get to the end of the year with the team winning the constructors’ championship and one of us winning the drivers’ championship. If we understand that, hopefully it will be a lot better.”

Renault and Sauber’s launches to follow as well as the report of Pre-Season testing Day 1…

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