Ferrari Launch their 2010 Challenger: The F10

As the season comes ever closer, the teams are beginning to unwrap their art works that they have been creating since the middle of the 2009 season for some! And as I write this, there are only 39 Days 12 Hrs and 12 Mins until Friday Practice 1 in Bahrain goes green. But this particular post is focused on the new Ferrari F10. Ferrari’s new driver, Alonso says he is very hopeful to win the crown this year, but you would say that wouldn’t you?

Ferrari were the first to “officially” unveil their new car on Thursday (Mercedes GP Launched their new livery earlier in the week, but on the old Brawn car…)  and McLaren did the next day, with Sauber and Renault launching their cars today.

Well, if you look at the pictures below, the first big change you can see to the livery is the white branding of Santander mainly under the side pods, front and rear wings. 

Santander now sponsor McLaren and Ferrari in 2010. This replaces the “Bar-Code” style branding of Marlboro.The New 2010 Ferrari Up-Close Front

Apart from that, there’s not much change to the livery. But the aerodynamics are dramatically different. The side pods next to the driver are raised, and so is the nose cone.

The next big change you can see here (Apart from Alonso standing next to Massa) is the nose cone sticks out more; in a 2009 Red Bull style than the old Ferrari, but they have not gone with the Shark Fin that so many teams did in the last couple of years…The New 2010 Ferrari Far-Away Side With Massa And Alonso

Felipe Massa, who had his season ending crash at Hungary said: “It is undoubtedly a great pleasure to be here to present another Ferrari,”.  “It is a special moment because last year was very difficult. I really feel that I want to work more than ever, so I really hope that this will be a very competitive car and that we will be fighting for the championship and that our red car, our Ferrari, will always be in pole position. We are really willing to do this and I am very happy to be here.”

Fernando Alonso, who is joining the Italian team from Renault said:    The New 2010 Ferrari Far-Away Front“This is my first presentation with Ferrari, and it means a lot to me,”.  “I’d like to thank the whole team because I know they have worked really hard over the last few months to create this dream, this new car. We are ready to take on this challenge. Felipe and I will be a very strong team and we hope that we will make all the Ferrari supporters around the world very proud to see this car winning the championship.”

McLaren, Sauber and Renault’s launches to follow….

(Interview paragraph’s taken from )

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